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The Alternative to War

A ground-breaking new event that challenges world leaders to game out real solutions for peace.

FP gratefully acknowledges support from the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates, which made these initiatives possible.

About PeaceGame

Imagine what foreign policy would look like if world leaders approached the achievement of peace with the same energy, resources, and realism with which they approach preparing for wars. What if we viewed peace not as the cessation of hostilities, but rather as the achievement of the political, economic, social, environmental, and cultural factors that lead to stability, organic growth, and conflict resolution within – instead of apart from - a system of laws?

This is the premise of a new series of ventures by Foreign Policy in collaboration with the United States Institute of Peace. Twice a year – once in United States and once in the Middle East – PeaceGame brings together the leading minds in national security policy, international affairs, academia, business, and media to "game" out how we can achieve peace, with as much creativity and seriousness as we currently devote to war games. In so doing, we hope to redefine how leaders think about conflict resolution and the possibility of peace.


Participants in 2013 and 2014’s spring PeaceGame will envision a path to a peaceful Syria. The game will begin with a discussion of potential scenarios for peace and the steps and conditions necessary to achieve it.

Players will then explore scenarios representing different aspects of a peace process.

In addition to formulating a prescriptive solution to the situation in Syria, the PeaceGame will illuminate the essentials of peace, what institutions and capabilities we need to achieve it, and how thinking seriously about peace might change how our national and international institutions approach their short and long-term missions.

How to Participate

Information will be announced shortly on how to attend PeaceGame and how to access a webcast.

This Year's Participants

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Thursday December 4

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Friday December 5

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  • Preliminary Agenda

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***Materials will be updated daily. Please check back for additional resources, including forthcoming speaker bios and other PeaceGame information.***

Contact us

If you have questions regarding the event, please contact grace.rooney@foreignpolicy.com.

For media inquiries or to request press credentials, please contact Jess Dillman, Foreign Policy’s Vice President of Communications at jess.dillman@foreignpolicy.com.


The FP and USIP PeaceGame partnership will include FP's new Peace Channel, a forum for cutting-edge analysis and reporting on how to build peace; PeaceGame, a counterpoint to Washington's traditional emphasis on war games; and an educational outreach initiative to engage young people who are the natural constituents of peace. Our goal is to reintroduce peace not only as an idea, but also as a pragmatic policy option.

FP gratefully acknowledges support from the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates, which made these initiatives possible.